Monday, June 30, 2008

rich and poor..

I have friends and relatives which are rich. I found out that their life is very contented. People might say their contentedness is just merely in the aspect of material. This might not be true. There are some rich people who really live their life to the fullest. They fully utilize the facilities and the advantages that they have to do things they want to. In other words, their rich and luxurious dreams are not dreams for them, but reality.

However, there are poor people in this world as well. For some poor people, it’s not their fault to be poor. They have strived hard in their life but luck is not on their side. So their effort is not equal to their income. Can this group of people enjoy their life to the fullest? Definitely yes! As long as they are optimistic and realistic about their needs, they can have their ‘rich dreams’ realized. Of course, their ‘rich dreams’ are not as rich as the rich ones, as long as the dreams are good, purposeful and bring happiness to the particular person, the dreams can be consider ‘rich dreams.’

Being optimistic here refers to the ability to see things positively. Obstacles and challenges are seen as stepping stones to succeed. Optimists are able to succeed even if he is under the worst conditions.

Being realistic in their needs means they must know their ability well and do not go beyond their ability. We can categorize things into many categories: expensive, medium and cheap. Typically, the rich will go for expensive things and vice versa. Using cheap things does not mean the person concerned is low in taste and class. It’s just that they are realistic and thrifty.

What do you think guys? 