Friday, February 26, 2010

A new perspective of CNY

I had my advance Chap Goh Mei dinner today with my friends. This dinner actually marked the end of Chinese New Year. Without realizing it, time flies.
When I was young, I did feel like Chinese New Year was a great time for me. It gave me joy and pure fun. Other than collecting ang pao, the unity of my family brought me to the seventh heaven. Visiting relatives were like bonus for me. I did enjoy visiting relatives as they really like my companion. Enjoying delicious and seasonal food was another fantastic aspect of CNY.
However, as time goes by, and I grow older, CNY gives me another new perspective. It seems less thrilling as it was before. Receiving ang pao is like merely receiving cash or money, though the real meaning behind receiving ang pao is receiving the blessings from the elders. Visiting relatives are seemed boring nowadays. It is a tiring and mundane process instead of a fun one.
How I wish I can get the true meaning of CNY again.