Thursday, December 16, 2010


Warning: This entry might be (or, is) very pessimistic. Leave it if it does not benefit you.

Thinking about life, what is the ultimate goal of our lives? Ultimately, we all will die, and leave all the things that we are having NOW behind. I still remember what my late 2nd uncle told me last time. He was a pagan. He told me that when a person dies, that is it. It's just like a chicken being slaughtered (this was so funny for me last time). That the person will just sleep forever.

If it was really so, so what if I had or had not experienced anything? So what if I had or had not owned anything? So what if I led a wealthy life or a poor life? Ultimately, we will all return to God (according to my belief).

Anyway, life is short. We are given this period of time to experience His creation. So, just leave worries and troubles behind and live our life to the fullest. Enjoy the everyday that given to us.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reflection of the day

1. My grandmother came out with a foochow dialect poem. The poem highlights the virtue of thriftiness, which I need to really understand and appreciate.
2. As a lady herself, she should not have behold and support gender discrimination. Daughters are always seen as the weaker ones. This is seriously not applicable anymore in the society nowadays.
3. Do we need lots of money to lead a happy life? Definitely, the answer is no. Perhaps, this way of perception is often regarded as a way of escapism for the middle income family. However, this can be a reasonable fact! Money can also bring lots of trouble.

Till then, let's meet in the next entry.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Experience is really the greatest teacher. From experience we start to realize, to learn and to appreciate.
To illustrate, after experiencing many different lifestyles, from the mundane one to the rock-and-roll one, a middle path between the two is figured out. There is always a shared zone between the two, which, I regard as the best path. The combination of the essence of the two makes another more unique and more complete choice. Well, life does not have to be too rigid. We can always come out with the mode of life that suits us the best.
Enjoy our lives to the best.