Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another perspective of live

Let me begin with this entry by asking you a question. How would you react or deal with the elements or the things that you fear or those which are sensitive to you? I believe most of you, including me, will try inside out to avoid to face them. Am I right? But, are you sure that is the correct way to deal with it? Sometimes, yes. Leave alone the general political sensitive issues such as racial and political perspectives. I am referring to those which you personally feel awkward with. For example, you are quarreling with your spouse. Would you avoid him or her or would you rather talk face to face to sort it out? When you feel bad about your friends, would you talk to his face? When you farted in the train, would you admit it? When you accidentally know that your friends have a misunderstanding about you, would you approach your friend to clarify?

If you avoided those issues and preferred not to discuss such so-called sensitive issue, indeed, this will lead to a miserable and unbearable life. Therefore, my personal principal is that "When you like that something, keep liking it; when you fear that something, overcome it." As long as you encounter things that impede you to have a happy life, sort it out. Don't drag it until it becomes an obstacle for you to obtain a happy life.

Of course, having the ability to do this is not as easy. We need to be wise and resourceful. We might need our close friends' opinions or even the professional views from the experts. Since that is our personal problems, we are responsible to solve it. For sure, our close friends would be happy to lend a helping hand. In addition, while helping us, our friends would gain experience in handling such problems for the future use.

Let me stop making this entry lengthy. So, the extract of this entry would be :If you liked that something, keep liking it; if you feared that something, overcome it. Ultimately, you are immune to anything!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I want it back

I have been very reflective recently. The memory brings me to the seventh heaven. I am thrilled with those pleasant and joyful moments. However, these precious and priceless memories make my heart bleeds as well. I wonder why I cannot have those moments again. Is it because of the green-eyed monsters that are trying hard to keep us apart? Or is it that you do not want to invest anything in the relationship? I wonder.

If it was really the tricks of the green-eyed monsters, then, why can't you do something to free yourself from the trap? Or is it you enjoy been trapped? Don't you, as well, appreciate those moments? Don't you wanna have them back as well?

Dear God, if you knew how I wanted it back, and I believe that You do, give me back my valuable stuff (though it's too much a word to name after the thing that I have lost).

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Dark Corner

Suddenly, I feel like nobody understands me.
I am sitting at a dark corner.
Nobody can reach me.
Not even my parents, my family.
What to say my friends?
This is the saddest thing in the world...
When will this over?
When can I get somebody to know what is in my mind?
Who can read my mind?
I doubt there is that somebody.