Tuesday, August 25, 2009


How would you perceive distractions?
Distractions really denote negative associations to me. When I have set my goal, of course, I would like to achieve my goal. However, these distractions, which come in many forms, would try their best to fail my effort to accomplish something. Gosh! How could I eliminate all these distractions?
After analyzing the distractions, I realize that they come in two primary forms. One of those is material distraction. This distraction, I believe, is the one that bothers the majority. Human beings like to enjoy and indulge ourselves in the things that make us feel good. Ultimately, this will make our wallet gets thinner and the amount in our account gets lesser.
Then, food can be our distraction as well. What is the primary function of food? I believe, food gives us energy and necessary vitamin and minerals. However, food, if taken excessively, would make us turn out to be something else. Obesity is one of the consequence.
How can I remove these two distractions so that I can achieve my goal? Only He knows.