Sunday, May 17, 2009

The turning point

We always want to pursue something that we ourselves perceive as good, nice and presentable. In the midst of pursuing, it is inevitable that we shall feel lethargic, tired and exhausted. This is the point of time when we shall doubt whether we should really stop and give up.

In actual fact, the thing that we are pursuing, of course, is something that worth-pursuing. I believe most human beings are very good in our judgment (of course there are exceptional cases.) Therefore, it is not a wise decision to stop and give up. Instead, we should take a break and rest before we further pursue the target. Resting and taking a break does not mean that we abandon the goal and look for another new goal. It means putting it aside, and refresh our mind, and come back to it when we have a fresh and clear mind. At this time, we shall, hopefully, have a new perspective and view on how to work on the goal.

I have been experiencing lethargy and exhaustion recently. Hopefully, I can get back on track and fulfill what I have been discussing in this entry.