Friday, April 30, 2010


When you have comfortably settled down at a place, especially your home, you would not like to take a leave to anywhere! Even if you are invited to go somewhere, you would feel reluctant. Yes! You might feel tempted when you browse through the exciting and breath-taking scenes promoted either by your friends or on the net. But, at the end of the day, you would feel it's the best to stay at home, the zone of comfort, enjoying all the freedom and security and delicacies without having to spend a large sum of money.

However, you can achieve this ultimate comfort when there is no negative element at home. For example, you would not like to stay at home when your siblings are always quarreling over matters, and your dogs always bark at the backyard. In short, when the peacefulness of your home is threatened, it's very unlikely that you can live comfortably at home.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

'Magic' versus shit

I really hate those who like to manipulate people's superstitious way of thinking! They earn money on 'soul-calling' and 'soul-calming!! To hell with that!! Yes, I would respect you if you don't involve my family members. I don't care if you cheat the others money but no my family!! These people, go and F*&%$ yourselves!!

If we have something that we would like to share with, do share with our rational and mature friends to rationalize things out, but not to look for those who practise whatever 'magic' that they claim!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reminiscing the Past Part 3: Eating Kajang famous Satay

Looking around for delicacies and great eating outlets has been my favourite leisure time activity. Kajang's Haji Samuri satay has caught my attention and casts its magic on me. I have always been there for satay with my friends. As the people say, 'good food, good companion,' it's good to enjoy delicious food with friends. It doubles the joy.

It's a bonus that the location of Haji Samuri is just nearby UKM. It's just a few minutes ride. Furthermore, I had my own transportation at that time. Therefore, going there was not a problem.

Moreover, the price of the satay is affordable too. If I am not mistaken, it is sold at 60 cent each. Hence, I would say it's worth eating, due to the delicious and juicy and fleshy texture and taste.

Here are some pictures taken during last year's class gathering.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reminiscing the Past Part 2: Swimming

I went swimming at Danau yesterday. This is significant to me because it's one of the physical exercise that I did here. This activity is the sequel to 'swimming classes' that I had in Kuching. My coach is Dylan Lau. He thought me how to swim from the very beginning. I learned this with Jimmy Ting. Therefore, I would say that this is an activity that joint three of us together and made us flock together.

I like swimming because I like to play with water. When I look at the surface of water at the pool, it will calm my mind down and make me reflect on whatever that bothers me. Also, when I am facing the crystal clear blue sky, it makes me feel so small and tiny. At this very moment, I feel like anything happening on me is a small part and parcel i my life. There are lots more people who are experiencing the worse things. Therefore, I would easily find solutions and comforts to cure my inner wound.

I do think that I will continue swimming, if I had the chance, for its numerous benefits.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reminiscing the past PART 1: De Palma Cafe and McDonald's

Last night, I went to have dinner with my buddy, Walter Umpang Moses at De Palma Cafe, Bangi branch. We had our meal for twice, I think, at that food outlet.

It is significant because this eating avenue was found interesting, both positively and negatively. It offers buffet at the price of RM20++. Seemingly, the buffet was tantalizing. However, the taste and the choice of food were disappointing. This is what I mean by negatively interesting.

However, the ala carte menus there are mouth-watering. The price is affordable, but not compared to mamak stall. We had Nasi Goreng, Club House (sandwiches), hot coffee and cucumber juice. It was a great dining experience.

After that, we revised at McDonald's at PKNS Bangi. This is another significant part of my life here because I prefer to revise at noisy places such as McDonald's. Therefore, when examination season is approaching, I would go to this place to do my revision. Walter and Jimmy had been my study buddy at McDonald's. Thanks for being great study buddies, dudes. =)

So, this is the first part of this section. Till then, stay tuned for the next part, hopefully, with some pictures and illustrations.

Reminiscing the past: Prelude

I am going to share whatever significant that I will do within this week to reminisce what I had always been doing when I was in the university in this "Reminiscing the Past" section. So, stay tuned.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


We undergo different emotions and get various reflections everyday as we face unique encounters daily. Typically, we get feelings and insights after facing all these incidents. It is important to share and to channel our emotions, reflections and feelings. This is to release our thoughts and opinions so that we would not go insane once the unvoiced is piling up. Also, the publishing will make our friends to experience and contribute to either comfort us or just to enrich and widen their sight.

I always channel my thoughts through Facebook status update. People get to comment and share what they have in mind with me. This really works. After reading their comments, I will feel much better (if I need comfort) and even much happier (if what I share is something happy). I feel owned and I know that there are many friends out there who are always there for me giving me support and care.

Also, I channel my thoughts through blogging. However, this method is less preferred because I like to post something lengthy on my blog. Therefore, it needs time and mental strength to produce a lengthy one and an entry that really describes my message. Though this means is less preferred, blogging comes into handy when I want to share something personal. This is primarily because I personally think that compared to Facebook, blogging gives me a more private space to share my personal matters. Only those few will be reading my entries. This makes me feel comfortable to share my personal matters in my blog.

In short, it does not matter how you channel you feelings. As long as it does not harm the others and cause inconvenience, it is a good way. And, do let go whatever feelings that you are experiencing. It is unhealthy to keep and pile them up.

Words for my little brother

Please bear in mind that we are living in a realistic world. Every step of ours is observed and noticed. When YOU did not do something to earn your living at certain expected age, YOU would not get away so easily. People will be barking at YOU. YOU will not get any respect from the others as YOU are perceived as eating away the properties. People do this for reasons. Every bite of food requires a penny. Put aside your expensive luxuries, still, YOU need some money to survive. Hence, please find something to do, other than sitting at home, waiting to be fed, and depending on the family to survive.

Also, though YOU are the youngest, YOU have your responsibility in this place of sanctuary. It is extremely fine if YOU do not have interest in pursuing your study. However, YOU need to do something to make sure that YOU do not have to starve when YOU are LEFT alone. How much can your siblings help YOU? Each of every one of us has our own responsibility and living. Even if YOU have the gut and courage to ASK, we would have the sufficient amount to GIVE. YOU know very well that we are not from better off family. We have to stand on our own feet.

Looking at the current YOU reminded me to my condition last time. I still remember when I went away to pursue my study. I was in a total lost too at that time. It was my first time leaving the haven. I had to do all the chores and lived all by myself. I thought of gave up and just went back to my place of no others. However, I had gone through the transition successfully. I must thank those who helped me to adapt myself to the new environment (my sister, my former teachers and my family). Otherwise, I thought I would end up like YOU.

Having this experience makes me have the condition to lecture YOU. Each of us has different degree of dependency. I know that you, just like me, are a baby boy. Therefore, you would be experiencing difficulties in adapting to new changes. However, I believe that YOU can do it! YOU just need to put in more effort. Be bold, dude! Making friends (like what I have done and I think I have wonderful friends around me that make me feel like do not want to be apart with them forever) will surely help you to go through all this. And, have confidence in you. YOU have the ability to change. YOU DO!!

All the best, my little brother.