Friday, July 30, 2010

A litttle update from Daro

Oh gosh! This is really tough. I thought I am ready for this. I thought I am sociable enough to make new friends, new companion. I knew that making new friends will help me to adapt to this entirely new, in terms of people, physical environment and food, aspects of live.

But, after all, I am not ready.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My grumble for YOU

Well, it's just a game,
between us.
You do not have to be so committed.
After all, your actions do not show
your commitment.
So, do not insult certain big words
and so forth, because
those words do not even have
a slightest connection to what you are doing.
You are playing with words.
You are a hypocrite!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Kaulah makhluk yang paling pintar,
Kau mampu mencipta pelbagai alat,
Untuk memudahkan kerja harian,
dan juga memusnhkan keunikan alam semulajadi ini.

Kaulah makhluk yang paling kejam,
Kau menyiat kulit haiwan,
Kau membunuh haiwan yang berhak hidup di alam ini,
hanya untuk kepentingan sendiri.

Nilai-nilai murni semakin luntur dalam dirimu,
Sikap mementingkan diri semakin jelas kelihatan pada dirimu,
demi membina bangunan pencakar langit,
demi membentuk imej yang membanggakan,
Kau sanggup memusnahkan fauna,
Kau sanggup memusnahkan pemberianNya yang tidak ternilai.

Kau diamanahkan untuk menjaga alam ini,
Kau hanya berhak menghayatinya
Tetapi tidak berhak untuk memusnahkannya.

(Wong Siew Bin, 2001)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Like moon like stars

Certain wishes are just like the moon and stars.
They are not reached easily.

Is being emotional good?

Personally, I would answer yes to the question (though the better answer would be 'NO').
Well, why do I say so?
Let's take watching a drama series as example.
Would you rather cry or laugh when the scene gives you such feelings, OR sitting there emotionless like a doll when watching a drama series? Of course, the former would give you more joy and impact and thrill of watching a drama series.
Then, being emotional is good when you express your feelings to the people around you (though most people would not like this), which is healthier psychologically. And, when you are sad, you would feel much better if you cried, rather than you keep your sadness inside.
And, how does it feel when you cannot laugh when there is somebody tickling you?
Well, this is just an analogy.
~peace =))~

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A story of a grandma

I have a story to tell.
Grandson: Grandma! It's raining! (shouting)
There is no response.
Grandson: Grandma! It's raining! (shouting by raising his voice)
Still, there is no response.
Grandson: Grandma!! It's raining!! (shouting, until the whole neighbourhood can hear, and the grandson suffers from sore throat after that.)
The grandmother walks slowly out of her house, looking at the sky and grumbles, and to the extent of scolding.
Grandma: How come you (as in the grandson) did not even make a noise that it's raining? All of my nearly dried bedsheets went wet!
Sadly, the grandson goes into the house silently.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Very often, we lost in our ways.
The focus seems blur, because of distractions.
We do not know which way exactly to take.