Monday, February 16, 2009

The 'R' Concept

Take a look at the figure on the right.

Consider the following issues.
1. In a day, how long will you be happy and vice versa?

2. What would be the 'x' factor for you?

3. What would be the 'y' factor for you?

4. Can you decide the duration that you want to stay at 'happy' stage and vice versa?

This would be my answer.
1. Of course, I want to be happy all the times; but, it would not be possible if we hold pessimistic perspective of viewing things. However, there are those gloomy moments and discouraged times. So, it is part and parcel of life. Don't take it too hard.

2. Well, those elements that can make me turn gloomy are financial aspects, relations with people and of course, assignments.

3. The 'y' factors would be my family, my friends and actually, all the 'x' factors are my 'y' factors if they were all positive.

4. As for me, I will make attempts to keep myself as happy as I could. Nobody wants to be sad. So do I.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Typically, after we have planned to do something, we shall feel excited and anticipated. Our mindset and direction are very much diverted to that plan. This is one of the joy in the process of getting that thing done.

When we are carrying out the event, we ought to be positive and get involved totally so that we can enjoy to the fullest. On the other hand, we should not grumble and complain on the negative sides of the event. We should be aware of the fact that there are always two sides of a coin.

After the event has been carried out, we should do reflection on the event. Whether we gain more profit or the event has brought more negative effects are the issue that need to be considered. This serves as the yardstick whether the event should be continued or to be terminated. And, of course, the anticipation that we had before this would reduce drastically as the event had passed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the **** poem

For value I am of use;
Unaccommodating, unappreciative and all the un's
Can kill me after I am being used
Knights cannot accommodate that they are being used,

Yet they did not say anything
Or even a grumble;
Unlike me, I complain via blog.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Necessities versus Luxuries

More often than not, we will confuse between what we need and what we want. Certain aspects are just too difficult to be categorized as a necessity or a luxury.

Basically, we need certain things to make sure that we survive and we want something to make our life easier and more comfortable. Different people need different things. A need might be a luxury for certain people.

As for me, when that something is affecting my life, be it physically or emotionally, it is a necessity. If that something crippled me from having a happy period, I would say that is a necessity that I must own. If that something disturbed me emotionally, which made me keep thinking of having it, I would say that is a necessity as well.

Indeed, this perspective of whether a particular thing is a necessity or a luxury really differs from individuals. So, the above opinion is just for reference and sharing. :-)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

10-year time

Recently, I watched Westlife 10th year anniversary concert held at Croke Park. Yeah, 10 years had passed. Westlife published their very first album when I was in Form 1 or so. They had gone through 10 years successfully, of course, with ups and downs. So do I.

What can a 10-year time bring? How many changes that took place in me? Those memories should be kept or deleted? I wonder.

I reflect back. I really appreciate those who have been sincere to me as my friends and those who have been hypocrite will never get the true and genuine friendship / relationship.

Other than friendship, I reflect on my personal attitude. I was a rebellious and playful kid when I was in primary and lower secondary years. Who am I now? Have I changed in terms of attitude and my perspective in life? I am sure that I do. But, to what extent have I changed?

In terms of study, I was lazy in my primary and my lower secondary years. After lectured by my family members, especially my sister and mom, I became a bit diligent and achieved a considerably flying-color result. Thanks for the advice. Now, have I kept the diligence or have I turned back to basis?

One of the positive changes that take place in me is that I value my family more than I did before. I appreciate and enjoy all the times with my family members. I start to be aware of the true meaning of being a family.

Hopefully, positive changes keep taking place in me and I could be a nearly perfect person.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Eighth Day of CNY

Believe it or not, but this was what happened on the eighth day of CNY.

My parents intended to drive me to Sibu Airport this morning. My flight was at 7A.M., heading for Kuching, then transited to KL. It was a fine journey along the way from Sarikei to Sibu. Thing went exactly the contrary when we were approaching Sing Kwong supermarket. The road was flooded. My dad thought the water level was fine to 'swim through.'

Unfortunately, the water level was so deep that our car was caught in the flood. The car engine was wet and my dad had failed to on the engine. We were caught in the water. The water was filling in the car and the seats were all wet. We had to take off our shoes and pull up our tracks and jeans to go out from the car. The car was literally floating on the water. I was so worried that the car would float away as when the pick-ups such as Hilux 'swimmed' besides our car, the car was really floating like a boat.

I was really panic and my mind was blank. Suddenly. God reminded me of Walter, who was on the same flight with me. After browsing through my phonebook, I lost his home telephone number as my phone was stolen last time. Then, I called Jimmy to ask for the number. Fortunately, he had it. After thinking twice, Walter was not using a Hilux. I was afraid that he would get trapped in the flood as well. So, I dropped the option.

We had no other options but to call those who has a Hilux or a pick-up. The first person that came across my mind was my brother-in-law. I called my sister. There was nobody answering the phone. Okay... Second trial... Third trial... Finally, my sister picked up the phone. Thank God.

I told her our location. She said that my brother-in-law would be rescuing us. She could not come along because my nieces needed companion.

As we were waiting, there were many people stopping by, wondering whether they could 'swim' through. There was one fellow, who was going to the airport as well, kindly asked me whether I wanted to go with him. Thank you for your kindness, Mr Unknown. Guess what! I refused to follow him. What was in my mind was that I was worried about my parents. I could not just let them caught in the flood.

After I told my parents the good intention of the driver just now, I was having a good scold from my parents. They said I would have followed them to the airport because it was 5 something in the morning already and my brother-in-law was still searching his way to rescue us.

Finally, the hero (my brother-in-law) arrived. Immediately, he sent me to the airport. He bought me breakfast as well. It was so thoughtful of him. I really appreciate that.

After I reached KL, I was still very worried about my parents. I phoned them several times. Thank God that they informed the tucking company and the car was tucked to the workshop and got repaired. My dad spent RM200 for that.

I feel so guilty because it happened because they were sending me to the airport. I feel guilty because they were shocked and stunned by the incident. However, my youngest aunt told me that not to feel so because it was not my fault at all. That really helped. Who knows the flood was so serious that it made all the Vivas, Myvis and Kancils into boats?!!

I wanna thank the following people for their help in today's incident:
- My parents (for the good and kind intention to send me to the airport and taking the risk to swim through the dangerous water)
- My sister and my brother-in-law (for sending me to the airport)
- My aunts (for consoling and comforting me after the incident)
- Walter and his family (for attempting to rescue me from the flood)
- Jimmy (for willing to accept my call at 5A.M..)
- Last but equally important, thank God for keeping me calm and making me arrived KL and UKM safe and sound. You are al-mighty.)