Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why are our family members so special to us?

Very often, we do not want to have close attachment with people because the closer we are, the harder we stay apart from them. However, things would not be the same when it comes to family members. Very naturally, we would feel worried and concern about our family members.

Family members are the ones those are the closest to us. I would say it is very necessary to show affection among the family members. This would be the foundation and the base in showing affection and thus, building a strong and good bond with the outsiders or acquaintance or friends.

Family members would be the group of people that makes us anxious about their updates, worried about the well-beings, happy with their achievements and sad with their sadness. Thus, it would be nearly impossible to let go, I mean both physically and mentally about their updates and well-beings. That makes this group of people so special to us.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

What Will Matter

What will matter is not what you bought,
but what you built
Not what you got, but what you gave
What will matter is not your success,
but your significance
What will matter is not what you learned
but what you taught.
What will matter is every act of integrity,
compassion, courage, or sacrifice that enriched,
empowered or encouraged others
to emulate your example.
What will matter is not your competence
but your character
What will matter is not how many people you knew
but how many will feel a lasting loss when you are gone.
What will matter is not your memories
but the memories that live on in those who loved you!
What will matter is how long you will be remembered,
by whom, and for what.
Living a life that matters does not happen by accident!
It is not a matter of circumstance but of choice.
Choose to live a life that matters.
(from Michael Josephson: Character Counts)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Teacher vs professional badminton player

"One can be a professional player in a particular field if he was well-trained."
Is this true? Let's take an example. Can a teacher be a professional badminton player? Professional player here means the player that competes in the different level of competition, be it state level or national level or international level.

The point here is that can the teacher cope well with the time management and the strength that is required in both fields? A teacher needs to devote most of his time to his work. The same goes to the professional badminton player. So, is it solely the matter of training?

The Irony

Most of the demonstrators claimed that they wanted the government to be ruled in their way. The essential part is that they want to be patriotic. When they are asked on the root cause of their demonstrations, the answer would most probably be their patriotism.

However, they never thought of the effect from their demonstrations. Let's take the negative effects on the tourism. Tourists would be disappointed and hardly convinced to step into the country concerned. The following effect would be the deterioration of the economic prospect of the country. Is this the effect that the demonstrators want? What has their patriotism brought into the growth of the country?

It is not wrong to have different opinion on the ruling system that governs a country. However, it turns negative when the thoughts and opinions are not channeled properly and via the correct procedures. This differences would do good if they were analyzed collaboratively and properly with the authority. On the other hand, the authority plays a vital role in putting those good points and opinion into some sort of national planning and considerations.

In a nutshell, a country belongs to all the citizens in the country. Since people, typically, have different opinion on how should an ideal government be, tolerance and harmony play essential part in the well growth of the country.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thank God, my brother is offered to join Business Admin course at Matang Polytechnic. I really hope that he can cope well with both the new environment and the study. Actually I have no worries about his ability to cope well with the study. It's just that he lacks of confidence, and that is of acute level. I have no idea on how to help him in building those confidence. I had adviced him by all means already, but, it doesn't work. Hopefully, this time, he will realise how important the element of confidence in building his own positive image.

Besides, I seriously hope that my results for the semester that just slipped by would be a flying color ones, especially my Selected Literary Works... =]

Sunday, November 23, 2008

2 things that I could not comprehend today.

The following are the two things that I could not comprehend today.
1. I heard there are cases where the JPJ officers issued summons for those who did not wash their cars. This is nonsense! What is it fucking to do with them for not washing cars!!!
2. I really could not figure it out why there are some people who are not at all concerned about their own future. They just do not care about what are they going to do next. I wanna help but I had gone haywire.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time flies...

Time really flies. I still remember of the first day I stepped in UKM. It's such as a big place! It really requires strength and determination to adapt to the new environment. However, I did it (though I prefer Sarawak better.)
Reflect back, I didn't have much changes. After completing piles of assignments, then exams came. That is the life of a student. Hopefully I would get good grades for all the subjects. And, I hope that I could do better in the coming semesters.
I have a little wish here. Hopefully, I would be more ready to face the coming semester, ready in terms of my mind to receive new knowledge and be more diligent.

Monday, November 17, 2008


What would you think of nightlife? Something positive or something negative?
Of course, going out at night and having pure fun is indeed relaxing and enjoyable.
What about the negative sides of it?
Anyway, I enjoy having nightlife once in a while. =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mood swing

What would you react to somebody who is mood swing?
A. Ignore him
B. Talk to him to his face
C. Say "Fuck you" to him
D. None of the above

If you chose D, please state the reason and why would you do so?

Friday, November 14, 2008


More often than not, we shall be affected by our emotions. If we were happy, of course we shall show it without hiding it. It's just something that is uncontrollable. We shall jump and shout and laugh and hug each other like crazy.

However, if we were negatively emotional, what should we do? Put everything on the face until the people who are in good mood turn sad as well? In fact, we understand that it is inevitable that people are feeling down sometimes. It's not wrong to express your sorrow and sadness. However, we should not let the sorrow and sadness empower us for a long time. That would be very annoying. Our friends, of course, would try their best to comfort us. But, let's put ourselves in our friends' shoes. After they have comforted us with different ideas and effort, we are still facing them with our sour face. What would our friends feel?

Of course, sometimes, it's not easy to climb back to the peak of the mountain after you had fallen into the deep valley. However, at least, we should respond to our friends, if not sincerely, to show their importance to us. (This is not particularly address to anybody. This is merely my observation at the cafe tonight. So, don't get me wrong.)


I am aware that blogs or more precisely, words can be interpreted differently. However, I hope that would not happen to me as a blogger and the readers of my blog. Please consider the following statements and let's be open about this.
1. I am writing entries in this blog just for the purpose of channeling and outlet my emotions. Nothing more than that. No personal attack, no curry flavoring and no nothing.
2. I want the readers of my blog understand and know me better. Therefore, I don't want to see the reverse effect caused by the entries.
3. Seriously, I welcome whoever who wants to respond to my entries, but, please let me know you are responding to my entries.
4. I am not a maniac who wants to fight and to have war or something like that. So, i want to be friend with everybody, if possible.
5. I need my friends to survive. I am not as independent as I portray (if you thought I am independent.)
With that, hopefully, I, as a blogger, and you, as the readers, can strike a balance between the discreetness of my entries and the room of interpretation of the readers. Thank you.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Take me away [from this unpeaceful place]

带我走 到遥远的以后
带走我 一个人自转的寂寞
带我走 就算我的爱 你的自由
我不怕 带我走
[杨丞琳 带我走]

Take me away
to the far future
Take the loneliness away from me
Take me away
even though my love and your freedom
Would turn into fragile bubbles
It doesn't matter
Take me away.
[Adapted from a song by Rainie Yang]

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Unbearable pressure

When you are doing something, you will put in your best effort and get it done as perfect as possible. Then, the outcome is as expected.

However, there will always be a better ones as time goes by. Yours would be the less good one. What should you do? You need to put in double effort to produce a better one. If that was beyond your ability, what should you do? People would not stop comparing you and the others.

Since you were once the best, so people would expect that you will be more brilliant than the others. This invisible pressure is as unbearable.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Mr R has a cousin who is doing his masters now. He is a few months older than Mr R. Basically, they are at the same age. He is doing well. He is doing his masters while working with the university. Mr R is recently updated that he is paying the new car loan. Wow!! He is still studying yet he can afford to pay a loan for a brand new Toyota luxurious car! That's something which people would feel envy of. Moreover, people around them always compare Mr R with his cousin.

This bunch of people, including Mr R's parents, are hoping that Mr R can do the same thing. Mr R is intimidated and feel inferior. Mr R is a teacher-to-be. Of course, he can't have a salary of an engineer. And Mr R is studying under a scholarship and sponsorship from the Ministry of Education. He has to work for the government for at least 5 years.

Mr R is depressed and inferior now. He feels that his parents are no longer proud of him, because he can't do as what his parents expected.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I want...

I would like to voice out everybody's voice from the bottom of their hearts.

I am just an ordinary people.
I want to be heard whenever I am talking.
I want to be loved by my family, friends and the ones that I care.
I need whatever that a human needs.
I don't want to cry.
I want to laugh.
I want to be happy all the time.
I want to be blessed.
I want everything that please me.
I don't want misfortunes to happen.
I want no conflicts among people.
I want peace.

Statements above show what a person wants. But, how many of us can get all these?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exhausted or frustated?

I don't want to support and pro anyone,
for there would always be a side who will feel offended.
I want to be neutral and stand on the fence,
for it would be the best for me.
I welcome those who really want to be close to me,
for I really need sincere and supportive friends.
I am tired of being supportive to any side, really,
for I am a nobody to give support.
I won't approach those who stay away from me anymore,
for I have done enough of that.
I don't want to crack my head and make people happy,
for I will get nothing and even hurt ultimately.
I want to be myself,
for I am me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When you are not in the mainstream, then, you are ‘the others.’

We always have the mindset that the mainstream is the yardstick or the epitome of the positive aspect or the right side. When people have that kind of mindset, everybody seems to follow blindly whatever that the majority does, regardless the appropriateness or the rational of the action. Consequently, when everybody does the same thing, then, that thing would automatically become the appropriate thing to be done.
The core of the issue here is that when you are thinking differently from the mainstream, would you still be treated equally and similarly by the majority? Definitely not! When you are different from the mainstream, you will be totally ignored by the majority. They would try, by all means, to exclude you from the community. That is when you will feel left out and disappointed. You feel such because you have been very dear to them and invest so much time and care and love that you feel your existence is very vital in their lives. Of course, it would be disheartening when you found out that all that were vain and useless.
Well, how would you face this problem of exclusion from the mainstream? The most essential matter here is that you have to be wise enough to say or to handle things. It is not that we just keep our opinions to ourselves. But, it is about how wisely we express our thoughts. We have to phrase our thoughts very carefully that it would not hurt the opposite side. If it was not working, then, you should try to exclude yourselves automatically from the mainstream, before they have the chance to do so. Then, you can form another mainstream. I am sure there would be people that have the same way of thinking and philosophy with you. As the saying goes “birds with the same feather flock together.” The same goes to human beings. If you were not meant to be somebody’s somebody, then, just let go, instead of feeling stupid and disappointed all the times.
Should we assimilate and adapt ourselves to the mainstream? It really depends on the situation. If the mainstream was right, then, you should correct your mindsets and join the mainstream. (However, sometimes we are just not that wise to notice that we are wrong.) However, as I have mentioned just now, the mainstream is not always correct. That is why we should really be critical in viewing things so that we would always be the correct ones.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sense of belonging

At times, we would feel that we are lacking of something. It's not something concrete yet it brings a great impact in your live. What is it so important that you would feel lost when that something is not with you? Exactly! The fact that you belong to somebody.

As in my case, I feel owned and secured as I have wonderful family around me. They are so supportive that I feel encouraged and zealed in whatever I am engaged and involved in. I love my family for that. Family would be my primary solace and comfort if I were dealing with problems.

Undeniably, friends, as well, give us the sense of belonging. When you are away from your family, of course, your family still provides you with support, love and care, but to certain extent, you need your friends to be with you to solve problems and to share joy with.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What is life?

I dreamed of my late second uncle last night. He was still in healthy condition in the dream.
He was a pagan. He did not believe that spirits will ultimately go to either heaven or hell. Where would he go then? Where is his spirit now?
I heard from my family that my second aunt starts working now. I understand how she feels. She would rather working instead of staying alone in the house. Those heart-breaking memories would certainly kill her. What is her aim of living now? She depended totally on my second uncle before this. Their children are all grown-ups and live in different places. She is all by her own now.
What is life actually? Growing up, then working, then dying? Is that all about life?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have been so busy since the raya break ended. Basically, I was doing my assignments and simulation for Persatuan Pelajar. I was really exhausted both physically and mentally. I reflected on it last night. Can I call that busy and tiring? I did my work by sitting cozily in front of the laptop, with the companion of my favourite songs. Compared to the farmers and the other blue-collar workers, they need to allocate more physical strength and power to do their work, whereas I just need to move my fingertips and a bit of my mental processing to get things done. How lucky I am.
p.s: Perhaps this is a sort of escapism to encourage myself to keep on doing my work.=)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

为什么人要这么的脆弱 堕落
珍惜一切 就算没有拥有

If you grumbled too much
Then you would find it's hard to get up when you fall
Why people are so fragile
Please on the TV and watch
There are so many people are trying hard to survive
We should be appreciative
Be appreciative even you have nothing
[Adapted from a song by Jay Chow]

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I sent my second uncle to the bank this morning. He mentioned that he is at the edge of death. He uttered something which is very reflective to me. “What is money to me now?” This is what he uttered when he transferred certain amount of money to my grandmother.
He said he rather wants his life to be prolonged than the amount of money. Upon listening to that, I cried. At the same time, I recalled a saying goes “Money is everything.” Is money everything? What can money do to a person that is at the edge of death?
If money can make one’s life immortal, then, it’s everything.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Home sweet home

The journey of going back might be tiring and tedious (whereby I had to stay overnight at the airport and I did not get to sleep for the whole night), but it's worthwhile.
Upon arriving, I was welcomed by my mom, my sister and my nieces at the airport. Then, we had our breakfast. This is incredible. Then, my mom and I used bus to go back to Sarikei. Then, I drove back. Bear in mind that prior to this, I didn't sleep at all. So, it was quite a tiring day.
But home eased my tiredness. I am sure this would be a joyful holiday. Glad that i come back (prior to this, I didn't plan to go back since the ticket was so expensive).
Happy holidays guys!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Retaliate or Do Nothing?

It is inevitable that we make mistakes. But, we have to admit when we do something wrong. If you tried to do something to cover your fault, it will double your foolishness and stupidity. And, make sure that we do not laugh at the others when the others do something funny or wrong, as we do not know when we will do something funny in the future.


I am now at KLIA. Waiting for tomorrow morning flight. As early as 6.55am. Can't wait to be at home. This is my first time going home after almost 3 months in UKM. After 2 weeks, I need to go back to UKM again. So sad...=(
To all my friends, happy holidays and Selamat Hari Raya for those who celebrate it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Day After Tomorrow

Mandarin version

我对你 感觉胜过爱情
因为有你 给我勇气给我用不完的运气
只怕到最后不小心 让你伤心
对不起 我对你 再好再亲密都不能在一起

English version

You are more than a lover to me
You give me strength and unlimited luck
Actually I want to love you to my fullest
But I am afraid that this will hurt you ultimately
I am sorry, that no matter how close we are, we are still friends
Ultimately, seeing you in the his hug
I believe I will find my true love
And wish you happy with a smile.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Are You Ready?

We are always ready to live,
but never living.
We are always ready to love,
but never loving.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Grey Zone

They laugh joyfully at one end
they sob pitifully at the other end.
I, standing in the grey zone,
smiling at the laughter, and
comforting the crybabies.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Moonlight Resonance

Dim light of the full moon
Lights up every part of Malaysia
Both east and west.
The easterner at the west
Weep over the mooncake, under the same
Dim light of the full moon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rainy Days

Not every rainy day is meaningful
We won't cry over every rainy day
Certain rainy days make us sob
Appreciate those days
For you won't feel the same
When the next rainy day comes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


At times, we tend to be ego. When we think that we are better and more superior than the others, we tend to show our ego side to our friends and people around us. Have you ever thought of the effects of being egoistic?
In fact, what can we get after showing our ego side? Can we get things done? Are we richer by a thousand dollars in our account? Do we get more friends? We get nothing after the split-second of so-called "superiority and glory."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Prior to this, assignments are equal to marks to me. Recently, i have changed my perception on assignments. They are rather the way of means to evaluate myself. Though the points are given by the lecturers and the assignments are evaluated by them, what we get ultimately reflects our values. Lecturers are not lecturers if they are not knowledgeable enough to evaluate their students' work. Therefore, there is always a reason behind our marks.
However, since people have different perspectives in looking at things, the results of the assignments may not please the students. The students may feel that they have done a great job and they deserve a better grade and yet the lecturers may find that there are flaws here and there. The truth is, no one is perfect. We have to learn to make ourselves better. That is the true meaning of live. Keep on learning and learning.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Friends change

More often than not, we tend to expect our friends to behave in certain ways. We have such expectations because we FEEL that they are our friends. It's OK to expect them to do so. However, they are just our friends. We CAN'T expect them to fit to our needs. We can't stop them from changing. They change when their interests and commitment change. We have to ACCEPT their change and let go. Otherwise, we ourselves will suffer a lot.
In short, friends really change over time. Unless, they were your close friends and soul mates. So, just let go when it's enough. Otherwise you will lose more.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ultimate goal

As human beings, we face all sorts of problems and troubles everyday. Should we get carried away by the troubles from our ultimate goal? Have you ever thought of your ultimate goal in your live?
Our ultimate goal is not more than live happily in this world. Though there are different definitions on happiness, depending on how people perceive it. Some treat money as their source of happiness and some may treat other things as their source of happiness. But eventually everybody want to be happy. So, why should we frown and mourn when we are facing problems?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Why people just cant work harmoniously?

Mr M is working accordingly all this while. Accordingly here means he works according to the office hour. He would not take leave if he was not asked to. He tries to get alone with all his staffs and colleagues well. However, the green-eye monsters just can't sit still seeing him having a well and stable life. Then, people started to back stab him and his personal security is threatened. He has no choice but resign. Pity him. He has to start all over again in an entirely new area and job. Why are there green-eye monsters in this world?? To hell with them and SHIT!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I indulged myself so much today. I did whatever I felt like to . The reason I gave to myself was that I didn't go out for about two weeks already. It's that a valid reason? I don't really sure. Haha.. Anyway, I enjoyed myself today to the fullest today.
Then, I had a very fun lecture tonight with Mr. Ahsan for Persatuan Pelajar. I learnt a lot. He said we must be very confident in whatever we are saying (for the lecture tonight was about Public Speaking). Even we are not sure about certain things, we must be confident and firm in what we are saying. It's not the matter about to appear wise and good. It's about how people perceive you. If you are shaken and nervous, there is a high possibility that the audience will not follow what you say (if you are a leader). I think this is very true..
I really stuffed myself well today.. I ate quarter chicken meal at Nando's in Midvalley. Then, I bought myself dinner at Jusco (Japanese food set). It's really nice..Wow..
Then, I had Claypot Kueh Tiao as supper.. Guess will be sleeping late tonight (to allow the food to be digested 1st). Haha..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chong Wei, we are proud of you!!!

Though Chong Wei lost in the gold metal match, i still personally feel proud of him. He has been doing extremely well in any match before this. It would be unfair if we say that he did not face this Olympic 2008 golden match seriously. Of course he wanted to get the champion for Malaysia. However, it's not his fault if the luck is not by his side. I am very convinced and have faith in his ability. But, sometimes, it's just not our day to do things as we wish.
So, I will support you forever and keep up your good work Chong Wei!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Attachment among people

When we are close to somebody, we tend to attach to them very much. This attachment is good in the sense that we are willing to help each other sincerely when they need help. We feel that it is our responsibility to lend our helping hands.
However, when the attachment is too strong, people will start to demand the other party to do something for them. If the needs are not fulfilled, this is the point of deterioration of the relation starts. How are we going to overcome this?
It requires both parties to make some effort. It doesn't work if only a party who is industriously doing something to mend the relationship.
So, guys, what is your opinion on attachment between people?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Necessity or Luxury?

When we look at a thing of our favourite, of course, we would like to own it.
But, my dear friends, please don't buy it straight away. Put it down and wander around first.
After thinking twice, you will know whether the thing is a necessity or just a luxury item.
Whether the thing is a necessity or luxury, it depends on a person's needs.
For example, for a computer enthusiast, for sure computer thingy would be a necessity rather than luxury.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Time really cures...

This is my second time leaving my hometown for studying.
I take lesser time to adapt myself to the new environment of UKM compared to last time when I left for IPBL.
However, I am still quite blur of the study style here. It really requires self-orientation and more effort.
Hopefully I will adapt to the learning style here soon...=)

Monday, June 30, 2008

rich and poor..

I have friends and relatives which are rich. I found out that their life is very contented. People might say their contentedness is just merely in the aspect of material. This might not be true. There are some rich people who really live their life to the fullest. They fully utilize the facilities and the advantages that they have to do things they want to. In other words, their rich and luxurious dreams are not dreams for them, but reality.

However, there are poor people in this world as well. For some poor people, it’s not their fault to be poor. They have strived hard in their life but luck is not on their side. So their effort is not equal to their income. Can this group of people enjoy their life to the fullest? Definitely yes! As long as they are optimistic and realistic about their needs, they can have their ‘rich dreams’ realized. Of course, their ‘rich dreams’ are not as rich as the rich ones, as long as the dreams are good, purposeful and bring happiness to the particular person, the dreams can be consider ‘rich dreams.’

Being optimistic here refers to the ability to see things positively. Obstacles and challenges are seen as stepping stones to succeed. Optimists are able to succeed even if he is under the worst conditions.

Being realistic in their needs means they must know their ability well and do not go beyond their ability. We can categorize things into many categories: expensive, medium and cheap. Typically, the rich will go for expensive things and vice versa. Using cheap things does not mean the person concerned is low in taste and class. It’s just that they are realistic and thrifty.

What do you think guys? 

Monday, April 14, 2008

Being neutral or Extreme?

We encounter many events or encounters in our live. How are we going to face them? What attitude is the most appropriate in handling them? Being neutral or extreme? For me, it's very difficult to be neutral. In almost every circumstances, i tend to be very extreme. I cannot see things subjectively. That's why i will be either very sad or very happy. I never have the feeling of being 'no feeling.'
This might be good if i m happy. But if i m sad, the sadness doubles...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

How People Perceive Me? Is it important?

Very often, we will get comments from people around us. The comments san be either positive or negative. We will feel like in senventh heaven if we get the positive ones. How about the negative ones? Can we take it constructively?
In fact, the comments are given after their close observation. Therefore, the comments are somehow true. It's just that we are not conscious about it. Let's take an example. If somebody said you are growing bigger. Of course the person concerned will not say that out of nothing. Therefore, it might be true that you are growing bigger. Let me remind you that, of course, you will get angry upon receiving negative comments. But, just sit back and reflect on the comment. If you find it's nonsensical, just ignore it. If you were aware that there is truth lying behind the comment, take action to make people stop making such comment on you!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mr R's joy...

Mr R makes a decision to go back to meet his beloved brother and his brother's family. Oh my God! Mr R is so delighted and happy. The feeling of joy is indescribable. He meets his brother who he has not met for 5 years plus. Then, he meets his sister-in-law too. The happiest and unforgettable event is that he meets his newborn nephew.. His nephew is so cute. Though his nephew seemed strange to Mr R at the first meet, his nephew seemed to be very close to him after just a few seconds. I think this is what we call "blood relationship."
Besides meeting his brother and the family, Mr R is happy to see his family, too. Upon arriving, he can smell delicious dishes cooked by his mother. The compulsory menu, chiken soup, makes his stomach growling.. Then, he is very warmly welcomed by everyone in the house. Mr R knows that he has made a right choice. A big thank to Mr R's friends..;-)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Giving up or Blessing?

Human beings are very good at adapting to something. After you adviced your friend several times with convincing facts and points, that means you have done your part as friend. You cannot do anything beyond that because that is beyond your ability already. If he did not take your advice into consideration or make any change, we, as friend, just need to adapt to his stubborness. It does not mean that you accept or agree with what he is doing, but, since you cannot do anything about it, so the only thing you can do is just adapt to it.
If he is really dying to do something that is against the social norm and even religious view, what you can do is giving up of him (because he does not want to listen to your advice) or if you want, is to 'bless' him in a way.
I am very tired of advicing him already. So, i can assure you that there will be no blog which is grumbling about him anymore in the future.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mr R's Dilemma..

Mr R is in a dilemma now. His brother is coming back from Singapore after 5 years plus! He misses him so much.. However, his brother is coming back on Monday and will fly back to Singapore on Friday.. Mr R has something to do in that period of time.. But, Mr R is really dying to see his brother.. He almost forgets about his brother's face. And, this time around, he is bringing his new-born son back. OMG.. That doubles Mr R's wish to go back to his house!
Mr R is in dilemma of going back or doing his work.. Please help him to decide..

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool is for honest people...

You might be wondering why am i making this statement. April Fool is for honest people. Well.. The dishonest people are lying everyday, lying over every matter. So, April Fool is nothing for them. Everyday is April Fool for them to fool the others. Just like some of my acquantances and even friends, they talk different from what they really mean. Shit!
Unlike the dishonest people, April Fool is really a special day for the honest ones. They can make full use of the opportunity to fool hte others. But, don't worry.. The honest people will just make fool of the others on April Fool.. ;-)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dark Side of Groupwork

As teacher trainee, there are many opportunities to have group work. Many of the trainees prefer groupwork. In fact, despite fostering cooperation, is groupwork a good option?
Groupwork is good because it makes an assignment an informative and complete one. This is because every individual is assigned a part of the topic and work on it. When the scope is more specific, we can go deeper into the topic. Then, the product would be a informative one.
However, when the group members are not in good mood or emationally disturbed, there might be disputes and quarrels occur. This is the dark side of groupwork, where the group members will most likely have bad impression of one another. If this happened, the aim of groupwork is corrupted. It won't foster cooperation, but destroy the good relationship between the members.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yahoo..The English Week Ended...

After sections of practices, we performed greatly in the English Week 2008. I thought our performance was very greatly done. It's wothwhile for what we had put in. Though there were some disputes along the practices, we managed to carry out our performance successfully. Therefore, afterall, disputes and difference in opinions are not the obstacles to a good performance. In other hand, they are the stepping stones to a better performance. We should not get offended in the process of figuring out a good performance. That is just a process. The performance is the outcome. So, if we are unsatisfied with the process, how can we expect a desirable outcome? I think I will bear this in mind everytime when there is a performance. Anywhere, I don't think we have another opportunity to perform in BLTI again.. So sad..:-(
Afterall, we had done a great job guys.. Congrates yea..

Monday, March 24, 2008

2nd Practice for the English Week 2008

Tonight is the 2nd practice for the English Week 2008. Most of us were punctual. Glad to see that. Then, everything went smoothly and we dismissed at 9 something pm. But we (as in Ash, Walter, Zack and Dewi) went out for late dinner (it's supper for me already). We enjoyed ourselves so much. Hope to have such outing again. Aih.. Malas mok tulis agik.. hehe..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

1st Practice for the English Week 2008 Organized by TESL 4

We had our first practice for our English Week 2008 organized by TESL 4. We are performing jazzchant for the poem "Malchin Testament" and singing "Goodbye" by Spice Girls. Our performance leader, Ashairi or preferably called as ash mirza, (hehe) has done a great job in creating the performance. Well done Ash!
The practice went smoothly tonight and we dismissed earlier than expected. This is made possible by the cooperation shown by the members in TESL 3. Besides, i am glad that though we have different opinions on certain matters, we are able to handle it well by accepting the good ideas given by the others. This manner or attitude of tolerate with each other's opinions is very essential in bringing an event to success.
Overall, I am very satisfied with our first practice as well as the performances for the Englsih Week 2008. Hopefully the coming practice will be as smooth as the first one and everyone will be punctual (a hint that some of the members were not punctual for the 1st practice). Hehe..

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friends and Family, which is the best?

Today, i realize something which is very important. Between friends and family, which would you put more emphasis on?
Prior to this, i would choose friends. However, my mindset is shifted from friends to family. You might feel strange and doubtful why do i have such a shift. Let me tell you why. Even if you were close to your friends, they will hurt you in some ways. Shit! The hurt is doubly serious if you really treat that somebody as your close friend. Don't you agree with me?
Unlike friends, our family members treat us sincerely and unconditionally. They will not hurt us but protect us from being hurt by our firends. They are very alert and conscious of our needs.
However, there are some exceptions. There are friends who really concern us. They will be there whenever we need them to be there. I really appreciate those friends. Thanks ya..;-)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Having Children Or Not?

Prior to this, i liked children so much. I wish i could have many of children in the future. However, through my observations, children can be nuisance too. Therefore, if you really want to have children, you must be patient and ready mentally as well as physically. This is because once you have a child, you are responsible to the child until the moment you leave this world.
Today, i saw a couple of parents hitting and pinching a young child (i think he is just one or two years old). The child was running to the road. Then, the parents got very angry and started pinching and hitting the child. In a way, the child was wrong. But, it was not the child to be blamed. The parents should look after closely the child for his safety. However, the parents were just enjoying their food and neglected their child. Such irresponsible.. In short, the responsibilities of parents are indeed very important and vital. So, don't have children until you are really ready.
Besides, having children means you have a stable financial status. Children are very vulnerable to diseases. Therefore, the parents must afford to cover the medical expenses for the children.
Aihh (sigh)... They are so cute yet bring headache..

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Long Distance Dating?

i have many friends that are doing long distance dating. Unfortunate enough, none of them succeeded in the relationsip. Their relationships ended up with broken up. What do you think of the factors that lead to this?
In my observation, it is always the third party that ruins the relationship between the two. The concern here is that is that can the third party being accused as guilty? Or is it that the long distance dating is not stable and will always end up with breaking up? Personally, i think the third part is the one to be blamed. Why should they interrupt a relationship among the two? Maybe some will blame it on the unstable relationship between the two. But, bear in mind that, though the relationship between the two is very strong and stable, it will be affected in any manner if the third party keeps on interrupting the relationship.
I personally feel pity for the couples that end up with breaking up. They are in love with each other. Just that their relationship is disturbed by the third party. And, of course, distance is another issue here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Which Type of Persons that you dislike, or should i say hate?

In a way, we should not dislike or hate anybody. However, there are moments where we can't help ourselves from disliking or hating that somebody. This becomes my main focus in this section. Which type of persons that you potentially hate or dislike?
For me, it is very annoying if my friends are lying to me. This is not tolerable in any way! Lying here comes in many ways. Being not responsible can be one of it. In other words, the persons that are double standard are not forgivable. They like to have split personalities. Their action is very different from their thought.
Besides, the persons that are not loyal to their partner are one of the type of persons that i dislike. Especially when they are in a relationship. I am not syaing that they cannot have their own circle of friends, but they should know the limit and boundaries. This is because when they exceed the limit, many will get hurt.
Anyway, these are just my silly thoughts. What do you guys think?