Friday, July 31, 2009

My Salad Days

When I was taking my bath just now, I reflected how I am blessed with such a wonderful family. Unlike my elder brother and sister, I did not have to do household chores at all. I did not have to help my parents for the pepper field. Though I was still young at that point of time (when my family was managing pepper and cocoa farm), I would have to work at the farm if my parents insisted to (like any other parents in the same setting).
My parents tell me that the only thing that I should do is to study. I feel so sorry for them that they need to pay extra attention on me due to my weak physic when I was a child. They needed to sent me over to Sibu Hospital every week to get my cough healed. According to the doctor, I might get asthma if the coughing was not cured. Therefore, my father needed to apply leave every Tuesday, if I was not mistaken, just to send me to the hospital.
And, I was scared to go to school. Whenever I was sent to school, I would scream and cry and crawl as a sign of protest. I just did not know why I behaved like that. My family must feel ashamed for that. But, I did not get lesser love and care from them, despite my weird and annoying behaviour.
Later when I was at the secondary school, I was poor in certain subjects such as Mathematics. I felt bad about it. I wrote to my sister who was studying at UPM at that time. I told her that I felt intimidated that I did not get good results for my Mathematics. Upon receiving the letter, she arranged one of her friends who was teaching in Sarikei to give me tuition. She settled the tuition fees for me too. I was touched. I appreciated it and I felt like I owed her. I am really glad that I have such a considerate and lovable sister.
I would like to give credit for each one of my family members. You make my life complete and you are the only thing that is worth embracing, if I were to choose one only. Thank you, my family.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A bit of reflection after 8 weeks of teaching practice

We met as strangers.
You know my name but I didn't know yours.
As time went by,
we get to know each other better before we say goodbye.
You may appear mischievous,
but I know you just want to be marvelous.
You nodded when I taught,
I nodded too when you uttered your thought.
You reminded me to my schooling days,
which had passed like rays.
I taught you through my experience,
hope that would make sense.
I wish you all the best,
be the best,
because we are the best.
(I would like to acknowledge the principal of SMTKJ as for the last 3 line.)