Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When I was a kid, often, I would like to be a grown-up.
When I am a grown-up now, I still want to be a grown-up, because I want freedom.
However, I miss the innocent and carefree lifestyle that I used to have.
I do not like the hectic and busy lifestyle that basically every adult is having.
But, once we are adults, mostly, we would be having this kind of lifestyle.
There are just so many things that adults need to handle.
So, get ready! The rainbow wouldn't be as colourful as the childhood one.
But, we can paint it as colourful as we want!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010


When you feel depressed,
you wouldn't want to talk,
You feel the pain all alone,
until the pain is gone.
What you see would be colourless and dull.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Having a conscious mind is crucial in learning

Have you ever experienced learning in fatigue? How do you find it when you learn in fatigue? Of course, learning process would be less effective and less interesting.

When you are tired, you would have to struggle to focus on whatever is delivered. You would most probably fall asleep or doze off in the process of learning. When this happens, you would feel disconnected or go astray from the track. And, ultimately, you would lose your enthusiasm and interest in the particular subject.

What to do when you are experiencing this? I personally think that it would be helpful if you go and wash your face in the washroom by using cool water. Then, it's good to have some sweets to wake yourself up. Also, I would sometimes have a little low-volume chat with my friends who are sitting next to me. However, some teachers or the ones that are delivering the lesson would find it offensive of chatting in front of them. Therefore, it is essential to hide your chat from the teachers concerned, as a means of respecting them.

So, what are your way of regaining your consciousness? Let's share.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Have you ever felt like you want something so badly, or you have been wanting to go to certain places so much, but, when the time has come, and you are given the opportunity to get what you have been dreaming of, you feel like you do not really want it as severely? I am experiencing it now.

As I have mentioned in my previous entry, when we have rooted in the comfort zone, we might feel reluctant to move even an inch out of the comfort zone. The world outside might be tantalizing and seductive, but, ultimately, it can't give us what our comfort zone offers. In addition, moving to a new place means the need to adapt. Adapting needs a great effort and time. And if we couldn't adapt to the change, negative emotions will conquer us.

However, of course there are good points of staying elsewhere. We get new experience which is essential to our future. We get to see and meet people of different types, and polish up our soft skills when we actually interact with strangers, and slowly become acquaintance, and ultimately, friends.

Well, that's life after-all.