Friday, March 28, 2008

Dark Side of Groupwork

As teacher trainee, there are many opportunities to have group work. Many of the trainees prefer groupwork. In fact, despite fostering cooperation, is groupwork a good option?
Groupwork is good because it makes an assignment an informative and complete one. This is because every individual is assigned a part of the topic and work on it. When the scope is more specific, we can go deeper into the topic. Then, the product would be a informative one.
However, when the group members are not in good mood or emationally disturbed, there might be disputes and quarrels occur. This is the dark side of groupwork, where the group members will most likely have bad impression of one another. If this happened, the aim of groupwork is corrupted. It won't foster cooperation, but destroy the good relationship between the members.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yahoo..The English Week Ended...

After sections of practices, we performed greatly in the English Week 2008. I thought our performance was very greatly done. It's wothwhile for what we had put in. Though there were some disputes along the practices, we managed to carry out our performance successfully. Therefore, afterall, disputes and difference in opinions are not the obstacles to a good performance. In other hand, they are the stepping stones to a better performance. We should not get offended in the process of figuring out a good performance. That is just a process. The performance is the outcome. So, if we are unsatisfied with the process, how can we expect a desirable outcome? I think I will bear this in mind everytime when there is a performance. Anywhere, I don't think we have another opportunity to perform in BLTI again.. So sad..:-(
Afterall, we had done a great job guys.. Congrates yea..

Monday, March 24, 2008

2nd Practice for the English Week 2008

Tonight is the 2nd practice for the English Week 2008. Most of us were punctual. Glad to see that. Then, everything went smoothly and we dismissed at 9 something pm. But we (as in Ash, Walter, Zack and Dewi) went out for late dinner (it's supper for me already). We enjoyed ourselves so much. Hope to have such outing again. Aih.. Malas mok tulis agik.. hehe..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

1st Practice for the English Week 2008 Organized by TESL 4

We had our first practice for our English Week 2008 organized by TESL 4. We are performing jazzchant for the poem "Malchin Testament" and singing "Goodbye" by Spice Girls. Our performance leader, Ashairi or preferably called as ash mirza, (hehe) has done a great job in creating the performance. Well done Ash!
The practice went smoothly tonight and we dismissed earlier than expected. This is made possible by the cooperation shown by the members in TESL 3. Besides, i am glad that though we have different opinions on certain matters, we are able to handle it well by accepting the good ideas given by the others. This manner or attitude of tolerate with each other's opinions is very essential in bringing an event to success.
Overall, I am very satisfied with our first practice as well as the performances for the Englsih Week 2008. Hopefully the coming practice will be as smooth as the first one and everyone will be punctual (a hint that some of the members were not punctual for the 1st practice). Hehe..

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friends and Family, which is the best?

Today, i realize something which is very important. Between friends and family, which would you put more emphasis on?
Prior to this, i would choose friends. However, my mindset is shifted from friends to family. You might feel strange and doubtful why do i have such a shift. Let me tell you why. Even if you were close to your friends, they will hurt you in some ways. Shit! The hurt is doubly serious if you really treat that somebody as your close friend. Don't you agree with me?
Unlike friends, our family members treat us sincerely and unconditionally. They will not hurt us but protect us from being hurt by our firends. They are very alert and conscious of our needs.
However, there are some exceptions. There are friends who really concern us. They will be there whenever we need them to be there. I really appreciate those friends. Thanks ya..;-)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Having Children Or Not?

Prior to this, i liked children so much. I wish i could have many of children in the future. However, through my observations, children can be nuisance too. Therefore, if you really want to have children, you must be patient and ready mentally as well as physically. This is because once you have a child, you are responsible to the child until the moment you leave this world.
Today, i saw a couple of parents hitting and pinching a young child (i think he is just one or two years old). The child was running to the road. Then, the parents got very angry and started pinching and hitting the child. In a way, the child was wrong. But, it was not the child to be blamed. The parents should look after closely the child for his safety. However, the parents were just enjoying their food and neglected their child. Such irresponsible.. In short, the responsibilities of parents are indeed very important and vital. So, don't have children until you are really ready.
Besides, having children means you have a stable financial status. Children are very vulnerable to diseases. Therefore, the parents must afford to cover the medical expenses for the children.
Aihh (sigh)... They are so cute yet bring headache..

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Long Distance Dating?

i have many friends that are doing long distance dating. Unfortunate enough, none of them succeeded in the relationsip. Their relationships ended up with broken up. What do you think of the factors that lead to this?
In my observation, it is always the third party that ruins the relationship between the two. The concern here is that is that can the third party being accused as guilty? Or is it that the long distance dating is not stable and will always end up with breaking up? Personally, i think the third part is the one to be blamed. Why should they interrupt a relationship among the two? Maybe some will blame it on the unstable relationship between the two. But, bear in mind that, though the relationship between the two is very strong and stable, it will be affected in any manner if the third party keeps on interrupting the relationship.
I personally feel pity for the couples that end up with breaking up. They are in love with each other. Just that their relationship is disturbed by the third party. And, of course, distance is another issue here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Which Type of Persons that you dislike, or should i say hate?

In a way, we should not dislike or hate anybody. However, there are moments where we can't help ourselves from disliking or hating that somebody. This becomes my main focus in this section. Which type of persons that you potentially hate or dislike?
For me, it is very annoying if my friends are lying to me. This is not tolerable in any way! Lying here comes in many ways. Being not responsible can be one of it. In other words, the persons that are double standard are not forgivable. They like to have split personalities. Their action is very different from their thought.
Besides, the persons that are not loyal to their partner are one of the type of persons that i dislike. Especially when they are in a relationship. I am not syaing that they cannot have their own circle of friends, but they should know the limit and boundaries. This is because when they exceed the limit, many will get hurt.
Anyway, these are just my silly thoughts. What do you guys think?