Thursday, May 20, 2010

Living in this world...

Living in this world means dealing and facing all kinds of challenges and adversities. How can we, as human being who are fragile yet resilient, survive? This really depends on our ability to ADAPT!

Let's figure this out. Let's categorize things out. We have the outside elements those are influencing us, as well as we ourselves who are being influenced. Among these two elements, which do you think we can take control of? Of course, it's our own entity who are being influenced. Rarely, we can control the outside elements those are influencing us, because it's something done by somebody else, or it's something that happens naturally. Hence, mostly, we can ADJUST our mindset to ACCEPT what is happening around us.

However, do you think we can control ourselves all the times? Certainly not! When the outside elements hit your soft spot, I think anybody will feel hurt and devastated, regardless the gender or position. Well, what should we do to overcome this? Again, this involves our MATURITY in handling things. And, EXPERIENCE helps in this matter. Once we have the knowledge to handle things, we might most probably able to handle things well. In short, we need to be FLEXIBLE in order to live well.

Finally, if we can be resilient in dealing with challenges and be fragile in facing happiness, we can live well.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Settling down

At his point of time, i really wish that I am independent enough to live on my own. I do not want to depend on my family anymore. I just can't wait to settle down.