Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ultimate goal

As human beings, we face all sorts of problems and troubles everyday. Should we get carried away by the troubles from our ultimate goal? Have you ever thought of your ultimate goal in your live?
Our ultimate goal is not more than live happily in this world. Though there are different definitions on happiness, depending on how people perceive it. Some treat money as their source of happiness and some may treat other things as their source of happiness. But eventually everybody want to be happy. So, why should we frown and mourn when we are facing problems?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Why people just cant work harmoniously?

Mr M is working accordingly all this while. Accordingly here means he works according to the office hour. He would not take leave if he was not asked to. He tries to get alone with all his staffs and colleagues well. However, the green-eye monsters just can't sit still seeing him having a well and stable life. Then, people started to back stab him and his personal security is threatened. He has no choice but resign. Pity him. He has to start all over again in an entirely new area and job. Why are there green-eye monsters in this world?? To hell with them and SHIT!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I indulged myself so much today. I did whatever I felt like to . The reason I gave to myself was that I didn't go out for about two weeks already. It's that a valid reason? I don't really sure. Haha.. Anyway, I enjoyed myself today to the fullest today.
Then, I had a very fun lecture tonight with Mr. Ahsan for Persatuan Pelajar. I learnt a lot. He said we must be very confident in whatever we are saying (for the lecture tonight was about Public Speaking). Even we are not sure about certain things, we must be confident and firm in what we are saying. It's not the matter about to appear wise and good. It's about how people perceive you. If you are shaken and nervous, there is a high possibility that the audience will not follow what you say (if you are a leader). I think this is very true..
I really stuffed myself well today.. I ate quarter chicken meal at Nando's in Midvalley. Then, I bought myself dinner at Jusco (Japanese food set). It's really nice..Wow..
Then, I had Claypot Kueh Tiao as supper.. Guess will be sleeping late tonight (to allow the food to be digested 1st). Haha..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chong Wei, we are proud of you!!!

Though Chong Wei lost in the gold metal match, i still personally feel proud of him. He has been doing extremely well in any match before this. It would be unfair if we say that he did not face this Olympic 2008 golden match seriously. Of course he wanted to get the champion for Malaysia. However, it's not his fault if the luck is not by his side. I am very convinced and have faith in his ability. But, sometimes, it's just not our day to do things as we wish.
So, I will support you forever and keep up your good work Chong Wei!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Attachment among people

When we are close to somebody, we tend to attach to them very much. This attachment is good in the sense that we are willing to help each other sincerely when they need help. We feel that it is our responsibility to lend our helping hands.
However, when the attachment is too strong, people will start to demand the other party to do something for them. If the needs are not fulfilled, this is the point of deterioration of the relation starts. How are we going to overcome this?
It requires both parties to make some effort. It doesn't work if only a party who is industriously doing something to mend the relationship.
So, guys, what is your opinion on attachment between people?