Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Teacher vs professional badminton player

"One can be a professional player in a particular field if he was well-trained."
Is this true? Let's take an example. Can a teacher be a professional badminton player? Professional player here means the player that competes in the different level of competition, be it state level or national level or international level.

The point here is that can the teacher cope well with the time management and the strength that is required in both fields? A teacher needs to devote most of his time to his work. The same goes to the professional badminton player. So, is it solely the matter of training?

The Irony

Most of the demonstrators claimed that they wanted the government to be ruled in their way. The essential part is that they want to be patriotic. When they are asked on the root cause of their demonstrations, the answer would most probably be their patriotism.

However, they never thought of the effect from their demonstrations. Let's take the negative effects on the tourism. Tourists would be disappointed and hardly convinced to step into the country concerned. The following effect would be the deterioration of the economic prospect of the country. Is this the effect that the demonstrators want? What has their patriotism brought into the growth of the country?

It is not wrong to have different opinion on the ruling system that governs a country. However, it turns negative when the thoughts and opinions are not channeled properly and via the correct procedures. This differences would do good if they were analyzed collaboratively and properly with the authority. On the other hand, the authority plays a vital role in putting those good points and opinion into some sort of national planning and considerations.

In a nutshell, a country belongs to all the citizens in the country. Since people, typically, have different opinion on how should an ideal government be, tolerance and harmony play essential part in the well growth of the country.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thank God, my brother is offered to join Business Admin course at Matang Polytechnic. I really hope that he can cope well with both the new environment and the study. Actually I have no worries about his ability to cope well with the study. It's just that he lacks of confidence, and that is of acute level. I have no idea on how to help him in building those confidence. I had adviced him by all means already, but, it doesn't work. Hopefully, this time, he will realise how important the element of confidence in building his own positive image.

Besides, I seriously hope that my results for the semester that just slipped by would be a flying color ones, especially my Selected Literary Works... =]

Sunday, November 23, 2008

2 things that I could not comprehend today.

The following are the two things that I could not comprehend today.
1. I heard there are cases where the JPJ officers issued summons for those who did not wash their cars. This is nonsense! What is it fucking to do with them for not washing cars!!!
2. I really could not figure it out why there are some people who are not at all concerned about their own future. They just do not care about what are they going to do next. I wanna help but I had gone haywire.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time flies...

Time really flies. I still remember of the first day I stepped in UKM. It's such as a big place! It really requires strength and determination to adapt to the new environment. However, I did it (though I prefer Sarawak better.)
Reflect back, I didn't have much changes. After completing piles of assignments, then exams came. That is the life of a student. Hopefully I would get good grades for all the subjects. And, I hope that I could do better in the coming semesters.
I have a little wish here. Hopefully, I would be more ready to face the coming semester, ready in terms of my mind to receive new knowledge and be more diligent.

Monday, November 17, 2008


What would you think of nightlife? Something positive or something negative?
Of course, going out at night and having pure fun is indeed relaxing and enjoyable.
What about the negative sides of it?
Anyway, I enjoy having nightlife once in a while. =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mood swing

What would you react to somebody who is mood swing?
A. Ignore him
B. Talk to him to his face
C. Say "Fuck you" to him
D. None of the above

If you chose D, please state the reason and why would you do so?

Friday, November 14, 2008


More often than not, we shall be affected by our emotions. If we were happy, of course we shall show it without hiding it. It's just something that is uncontrollable. We shall jump and shout and laugh and hug each other like crazy.

However, if we were negatively emotional, what should we do? Put everything on the face until the people who are in good mood turn sad as well? In fact, we understand that it is inevitable that people are feeling down sometimes. It's not wrong to express your sorrow and sadness. However, we should not let the sorrow and sadness empower us for a long time. That would be very annoying. Our friends, of course, would try their best to comfort us. But, let's put ourselves in our friends' shoes. After they have comforted us with different ideas and effort, we are still facing them with our sour face. What would our friends feel?

Of course, sometimes, it's not easy to climb back to the peak of the mountain after you had fallen into the deep valley. However, at least, we should respond to our friends, if not sincerely, to show their importance to us. (This is not particularly address to anybody. This is merely my observation at the cafe tonight. So, don't get me wrong.)


I am aware that blogs or more precisely, words can be interpreted differently. However, I hope that would not happen to me as a blogger and the readers of my blog. Please consider the following statements and let's be open about this.
1. I am writing entries in this blog just for the purpose of channeling and outlet my emotions. Nothing more than that. No personal attack, no curry flavoring and no nothing.
2. I want the readers of my blog understand and know me better. Therefore, I don't want to see the reverse effect caused by the entries.
3. Seriously, I welcome whoever who wants to respond to my entries, but, please let me know you are responding to my entries.
4. I am not a maniac who wants to fight and to have war or something like that. So, i want to be friend with everybody, if possible.
5. I need my friends to survive. I am not as independent as I portray (if you thought I am independent.)
With that, hopefully, I, as a blogger, and you, as the readers, can strike a balance between the discreetness of my entries and the room of interpretation of the readers. Thank you.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Take me away [from this unpeaceful place]

带我走 到遥远的以后
带走我 一个人自转的寂寞
带我走 就算我的爱 你的自由
我不怕 带我走
[杨丞琳 带我走]

Take me away
to the far future
Take the loneliness away from me
Take me away
even though my love and your freedom
Would turn into fragile bubbles
It doesn't matter
Take me away.
[Adapted from a song by Rainie Yang]

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Unbearable pressure

When you are doing something, you will put in your best effort and get it done as perfect as possible. Then, the outcome is as expected.

However, there will always be a better ones as time goes by. Yours would be the less good one. What should you do? You need to put in double effort to produce a better one. If that was beyond your ability, what should you do? People would not stop comparing you and the others.

Since you were once the best, so people would expect that you will be more brilliant than the others. This invisible pressure is as unbearable.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Mr R has a cousin who is doing his masters now. He is a few months older than Mr R. Basically, they are at the same age. He is doing well. He is doing his masters while working with the university. Mr R is recently updated that he is paying the new car loan. Wow!! He is still studying yet he can afford to pay a loan for a brand new Toyota luxurious car! That's something which people would feel envy of. Moreover, people around them always compare Mr R with his cousin.

This bunch of people, including Mr R's parents, are hoping that Mr R can do the same thing. Mr R is intimidated and feel inferior. Mr R is a teacher-to-be. Of course, he can't have a salary of an engineer. And Mr R is studying under a scholarship and sponsorship from the Ministry of Education. He has to work for the government for at least 5 years.

Mr R is depressed and inferior now. He feels that his parents are no longer proud of him, because he can't do as what his parents expected.