Friday, September 10, 2010


Things are difficult when it is at the initial stage. We have to adapt, and to think of what is waiting ahead for us to experience and to explore. Then, we have to think of how to excel, how to make us more outstanding than the others. Whether we want to pursue another level of education is another concern.

We work during working days, and we are off during holidays. When we are working, we are waiting for holidays. When we are on holidays, we are hoping that the holidays will not end too soon, which is rather impossible. On and off, and on and off. Time flies. What do we get ultimately? What is the final destination of ours?

Is this what people call 'Life is vain'?


Roserina said...

humans will never be satisfied with what they have... huhuhu... :( bila dah da yang tok, mok nak ya agik. dah da yang nak ya, mok nak tok agik...

the process of adaptation can take years, i believe... but, what's important is that you do the best with what you have now. that'll also determine what will happen next, i believe... mala jak i believe i tok... hahaha... =))

p/s: thanks for following the new blog! ;D mmuuuuaaahhhh!!! ;D

Robin Wong said...

ina: haha..i will be updated with ur blog now..haha...ya..u r rite..we just need to be more appreciative, and we will live well.=))